Rubber band

Rubber band

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 9 November 2018

Have you ever had situation that you are fishing with dryfly and when you finally found one which is the One, it is really the only one in your box. Or that you don’t have any chemical stuff with you to get your dryfly back on shape. Or during the strike your fly get so wet that it doesn’t dry out during false cast. Well, few years ago I found solution to this from web. . I tried to find original video from youtube but I could only found ones which are less than 2 years old but you get idea from this one.

It would be great to say that I invited this trick but I can’t. It is trick how to dry your flies fast with rubber band. I have been using this about 6 years now and it seems that you can catch few fish with same fly without any chemical stuff and after playing with rubber band your dry-fly is still floating.

How it is working? Just play rubber band. You set hook on rubber band, take good grip from tippet, get tension on rubber and play it. It will wrist water off from your fly with just few touch. In video they take tippet around finger but there is no need to pull so tight. Now you are thinking that false cast will do the same. It will not for my experience, this rubber band trick do it much more efficient and also you will be checking your tippet at same time.  When you catch a fish often your fly will be slimy. Just wash it in the river, use rubber band and you are good to go.

If you are using the barbless hooks (you should if not yet), those are more easily dropping off from where ever you hang flies after use. Rubber band will do trick in here also, after fishing dry them with band and you can put fly back to the box. This trick works with all kind of fly types for certain point. Of course when fly get really really wet nothing helps anymore, put if you have been able to land 5-6 fishes with same dry fly…. Well I think it is kind of good number without any chemical stuff.

This one was short, but there is no point to write liibalaaba.

Have a nice weekend and try the rubber band


Ps.often there is some kind of rubber band in the waist of jacket, so that could be your life savior.

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