Roy Christie

Roy Christie

Paul Arden | Saturday, 16 October 2021

I was saddened to hear that Roy Christie died last week. I’m sure I first met Roy prior to Sexyloops. Quite a long time ago anyway. We’d often bump into each other at various Fly Fairs. A quite outstanding and innovative fly tyer and a conservationist as well. Roy attended at least one Scottish Meet. He once sent me a whole bunch of flies too, many of which I still have. Upside-down, back-to-front, inside-out! A kind man and an interesting mix of an anarchist and a gentleman!

I thought I would post a few of his Sexyloops articles. His first article for us was "Putting Back the Rocks"... 

After which he wrote an excellent series on fly design....

Let's hope there is some big fly fishing Valhalla in the sky where we can all meet again and share fishing tales.

Here's to you Roy! 

Cheers, Paul