Ronan and Iza’s Wedding

Ronan and Iza’s Wedding

Paul Arden | Monday, 9 September 2019

What a crazy week it’s been. I landed in Ireland on Friday and visited Michael Rebholz in Donegal the day before the wedding for some Bonker Spey casting and generally just to hang out. We had a great time sharing casting and teaching theories. Wonderful. And that was basically the last time I slept!

Next of course was the important wedding. I met up with John O Malley who I haven’t seen since he was in NZ. And it turned out that the Church was four Guinnesses distance drive from John’s house. Which was perfect planning by John who brought 8 cans.

The wedding was beautiful. It was great to meet Iza - finally. And of course catch up with my good friends Fraser and Abby, Mark, Orla - I haven’t seen any of these people for about 10 years! And then of course It was great to see Joe Creane (Ronan’s father) and finally meet all his extended family and great friends.

I don’t remember anything after that. (Only joking!). I actually took things remarkably easy because - well I’m just a lot more sensible nowadays - and besides I’m flying to see Peter tonight in Hungary and there will no doubt be some Palinka tasting.

Excellent and of course I really enjoyed sleeping in a bush this morning. I’ve never slept in a blackberry bush before and I can thoroughly recommend it because you can eat the blackberries for breakfast.

Congratulations of course to Stuntman Ronan and Iza! I’m looking forward to seeing the photos :D

Cheers, Paul