River Drift

River Drift

Viking Lars | Saturday, 21 May 2016

Last Sunday, I joined Henrik Leth for a drift down the middel part of Denmark's largest river in our pontoon boats. I was a awesome trip, really fantastic to just drift slowly in the pontoon boat and fish the banks and good looking spots.

Henrik Leth is a fishing machine with more trips pr. year than most people I know (after Paul and Bernd) and is a very experienced anglers. On top of that, I'm quite certain that Henrik was the first to get a pontoon boat in Denmark (in fact, he wasnøt - he told me he bought it from his friend, Steen Ulnits) in 1992. That amounts to quite some experience in the pontoon boat as well.

With Henrik as a guide (Henrik also guides and owns a great two-person pontoon boat, so if you're in the area and is interested in an experienced and perfect guide, contact Henrik) providing a launch point and some solid tips on the fishing and flies, we set off down the river. It's a different form of fishing that requires some changes in tactics. Short casts, not too many strips pr. cast and you need to cast again to cover the next spot. I often fishing different sinking lines for pike, but a sinking line doesn't really make much different on short casts, so to get the fly down, it's probably better to rely on weighting the fly (I just love when a new type of fishing also spurs thoughts on new flies).

Slow parts, faster parts, rain, hail, sun, wind and ending in a big lake - the day was great (we drifted from 7.30 in the morning and landed around 3.30pm) and required lots of leg work and some rowing.

The pontoon boat is absolutely perfect for this - for me, it merges all the best from the float tube and the kayak. The fins allow you to move, compensate and steer the drift while you fish, and the oars allow you to move faster over longer distances.

I caught 5 or 6 pike during the day, including one that I sort of doodles my way to (see the video). That's another advantage of drifting. I turned to look where Henrik was and the current and wind moved me and the pontoon boat just enough to keep the fly moving and a pike hit it. Fair and square I say :-).

More about this fishery over the summer - and more about pontoon boats too! And new pike flies!