Revitalise your HT!

Revitalise your HT!

Paul Arden | Monday, 9 April 2018

Our earliest Hot Torpedos are now five years young. No this doesn’t mean that we’re bringing out a replacement series! But what it might mean is that it’s time for a service. It doesn’t matter if you are the original owner or a second owner, this offer applies to the rod and therefore indiscriminately. (We guarantee the rod not the owner).

If you send in your HT then for 150GBP we will give it a complete overhaul - we shall strip the rings, re-ring it. If the cork needs replacing because you’ve been using it as a fly patch then please get in touch and we will see what we can do - this is considerably more complicated!

Our current colour scheme is iron blue-grey with orange tips. If you would like a different colour then simply let us know and we shall accommodate. 


Our new rod builds all have titanium-framed stripping guides, so if you are on an early model with chrome strippers we will replace them for you during the service. 


For the past two or three years we have been producing really outstanding finished fly rods. Lee doesn’t make one layer of epoxy but instead three micro thin layers - for perfection. 


Any rings that are not in perfect condition will be replaced, at no extra charge. 


Any broken or cracked sections can be replaced (the cost for replacement of sections under our lifetime warranty is currently set at 70USD). If you would like a spare tip for your rod then we can build you a spare tip for 100GBP (most accidental rod breakages occur in the tip). 


If you do not have your name on the blank but would like to have it so, then this is included at no extra charge (but please let us know in advance so that we can order up your name decal from the USA - this takes approximately one week). 


For turnaround of your serviced HT rod it should take approximately 7 days from arrival date to departure. Return post is included in the price. It may take longer when if we are run off our feet, so please ask before sending in your rod. 


To send it back we require that you use insured shipping - we cannot be responsible for rods that do not reach us. For International customers you will need to clearly mark on the package that this is a product being returned to the manufacturers for repair (we don’t wish to pay customs to reimport your rod - this almost happened once!). 


Currently we do not know how easy it will be to replace the rings on the Instructor rod. I have one here that I’m sending back to the UK workshop to find out. So currently we cannot offer this service on Instructor rods, but hope to do so rather soon. 


So to recap... we will rebuild your rod for 150GBP. This price includes all work, name decal if required, any rings replaced, thread colour changes if required and return insured shipping. It is possible to replace the cork grip but we need to have a chat about this first. If we need to replace any sections then this costs an addition 70USD. If you would like a spare tip this will cost 100GBP. 


Turnaround time from our end is approx one week. Please contact me directly if you have any questions or would like to pick up on this offer. These prices are fixed for a 12 month period. 

Cheers, Paul