Retail Fly Fishing

Retail Fly Fishing

Glenda | Tuesday, 9 June 2015

It is a really great feeling to walk into a fly fishing shop and see that there is everything you ever need to enjoy the sport. It is easy to spend an hour or even more, wandering around, looking at the rods, the reels, the fly tying material, the hooks, the clothes.....

I hang out at one such shop, Tie'n'Fly Outfitters at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.  Of course, I help where I can but it is all pleasurable for me!!

This shop is owned by Gavin, a proper Captain, and a hell of a nice guy.  He owns the best boat on which he guides for tuna and other species... they call the boat the "tank". 

Fisherman on the Tank

Fisherman on the Tank.

He is hailed as knowing the most about salt water fly fishing in the greater area of the Sunshine Coast, the species and, most importantly, how and where to catch them and he runs clinics for casting, and is IFFF certified.  He has also caught a couple of world record fish on fly.  I am impressed and the trophies are impressive as well.

Regular retail shops and fly fish shops aren't the same.  Sure there are the golden rules of retail but there is a special camaraderie between customers and the person behind the counter, in my experience, Gavin.  There are no barriers... just a feeling that the person you are talking to shares the same enthusiasm for the sport and that makes all the difference when compared to other retail shops. And there is no hurry - you are welcome to take your time and browse and talk fly fishing.

Of course, there is also the online side of the business.  Very popular in Tie'n'Fly's case given it is the only fly fishing shop in Queensland.

The best thing about the shop are the regulars who drop in for a coffee and a chat.  There was a recent occasion where an international visitor came in and has now become good friends with Gavin - I like him too.  He even attended a meeting of the fly fishing club of which I am a member last month!  We are not sure when he will be going home but his wife is over in China working.  Wonder how he is getting away with it......

Anyway, it is great hanging out in a fly fishing shop - my knowledge has increased ten-fold.

The video this week is unrelated but I thought I would share it here and put it out there that perhaps Paul might consider getting a signature song!! Tongue Out  The song on this video is fantastic as is the fishing.  Titled Sky High Salmonfly by Todd Mien.

happy fishing, Glenda