Paul Arden | Monday, 3 October 2016

I'm off to Bosnia to do some French Nymphing. Now I know that many people don't consider this to be "fly fishing" but then what is it?! Anyway I'm not going to discuss "what is fly fishing" only acknowledge the fact that the fly rod as we have it is not the best tool for lobbing out a nymph! I think what is required here is a long, relatively stiff and light-weight rod. And while I have cast (one) specialist rod for the job, I found it to be on the tip heavy side, when what you really want for the task is a feather. Anyway, that's not actually why we are going to Bosnia, we are going there to fish with friends, catch up with others and for Ashly to get out of the Schengen are for 7 days because otherwise she'll be arrested when we leave and I'll be fishing on my own in Malaysia until she gets out of jail.

One week in Bosnia, three weeks in Hungary and then it's back to Malaysia. I'd like to spend one more year in the jungle, I don't know if this is possible but I'm certainly trying to make it happen. For me this is really where fishing is happening right now, Gourami in particular have never been done - so it's nice to have no road maps. It's not some shit that you can read in a book that was done two centurties ago - and this really appeals to me! I'm very lucky to have found a fish that is for all fly fishing purposes absolutely new. And then of course there is that King of fishes, Snakehead, where I'm possibly 1/10th of the way into understanding them.

In short I'm really looking forward to going home! Europe feels to me like I'm treading water and Malaysia is a constant summer. Amazing to think of a jungle as home, but there it is.

Right I have to pack the car and drive to Bosnia, otherwise this will never happen. We have a new section coming up this week - The Hot Torpedo Owners' Club, of which I am the first member - so that's something exciting to look forward to.

Have a fantastic week Cool