Rear winter

Rear winter

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 21 May 2021

Last week it was warm and good for fishing. This week was like spring, about +10 celsius and some mist, rain etc. Coming weekend will be so called rear winter (takatalvi), it means that winter is coming back. I don’t really understand this ”rear winter” –term. I will use it if it is happening in June but in May. Let’s face it. It is spring in here and there might be cold season before turning finally in summer.

I have been doing doors for our shed. Mostly working between rains and little bit during those. I had to get shed ready before summer starts. Then I had multiple other projects to do, fishing, guiding, some other building projects, reindeer herding, farming etc. We have saying that lazy lists his jobs. It is kind of true but only if do it afterwards. Now it is ”to do-list”.

We still have some ice on lakes. (not something you should go)Snow in some places, everything is muddy and wet. So it is spring. This weekend spring is slowing down. Today it might been some thundering. (Older people says that if there is thunder when lakes have ice, it will be cold summer). Anyway forecast says that heavy rain is starting on Friday evening and it will continue all the way until Monday morning. Except that during Saturday temperature will drop close to zero and rain will turn to sleet. During the next night it will be snowing and temp will be below zero. So they will say that it is rear winter. In our area it is just spring still. (for me at least). I remember few years ago when it was snowing 17th of June, that was rear winter.

It seems that this year there won’t be too much flood when fishing season starts. Roads will be in bad shape so some spots are not reachable until in the beginning of June but it is only good thing, I think. If there is not much flood there is not so much use for heavy nymphs in the start, unless you use it on side wig. It has been really good and fun style, to use heavy nymph on the side, and spider fly or traditional wet fly on main. You can do nymphing and wet fly fishing easily on same cast, covering bigger area with fishable technique. It has also good use in still water.

Now I had to run, one more door to do. It is not raining for next four to five hours.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland