Real and Virtual BFCC

Real and Virtual BFCC

Tracy&James | Sunday, 30 May 2021

By the time this FP is live the first BFCC meeting in over a year should be underway. Tracy and I are already in Kent just down the road from Willesborough Cricket Club where the event will be held. Normally we would travel in the early morning from our house in Hampshire, however things have changed in the last year due to the pandemic.

Just before the first lockdown was announced Tracy and I moved to our house in North Wales and we’ve stayed there since.  During the last year we decided that Wales was the place we wanted to be and we can’t really see ourselves spending much time down south.  As such we decided to sell the Hampshire house and this completed on Friday, meaning we needed to get ourselves out and into a hotel convenient for the event.  The hotel we’re at has some large grassed areas that are perfect for distance casting (it would be great for an actual event) so Tracy has been doing a bit of practice.  It also has a fishing lake, but we checked it out after today’s sunshine expecting to see basking carp but there was nothing.

We’ve had a request to introduce a virtual element to the BFCC competition – as such we’re going to trial this starting with this first event.  The rules need to be developed in terms of how the results are verified, but being as there’s nothing to be won (as with the main BFCC competition) then I don’t think we need to be overly stringent with the rules.  As such virtual casters should look at the BFCC tackle rules for all the events they want to enter.  They should then cast for the allotted time (we will allow an extra minute if you’re having to measure your own casts) and then post the longest cast or a video of their casting session.  Alternative to timing the caster should make 6 casts only (or however many you think you could fit into the time) and measure each one.  Obviously this all needs sorting out, so if you’re interested in competing virtually then get in touch and have a say over how it should be run.

We’re going back to the hotel after the event so I should be able to post the results the same night.  That said, I’m not sure how we cope with big time differences – I’m sure the Aussies aren’t going to be happy about casting at midnight.

Have a great week, James.