Ragley Game Fair 2022

Ragley Game Fair 2022

Tracy&James | Sunday, 31 July 2022

I’m writing this page completely sober for a change. Now Tracy and I occupy the Sunday slot it is usual for one of us to write the FP on Saturday – typical of the trait of putting things-to-do off to the last possible minute. As such, we’re usually well past wine o’clock by the time we’ve finished. However this weekend we will be attending the Game Fair at Ragley hall, hence I’m writing this on Wednesday.
After missing a year in 2021, when the Game Fair was held but there were no casting competitions, along with the previous years of cancellations due to Covid, it is the first time the BFCC have run these casting competitions for a while. There will be the usual single handed and overhead salmon events this time, but unfortunately no Spey competition.

We do intend to change a few details though.  Firstly the trout distance competition will specify the use of the MED #5 line (there will be a suitable outfit available for those who don’t bring their own).  There will also be accuracy to BFCC/WC rules along with Salmon S55 and Sea Trout ST27 distance.  Each of the championship events will have qualifying during Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning followed by finals on the Sunday afternoon (there will also be various daily competitions).  In addition there is going to be an overall Ragley Game Fair winner who will be invited to compete at the grand final at the Welsh Game Fair in September.  This overall championship will be contested by determining the best performing caster in the accuracy, S55 and trout distance.  In order to give each event an equal rating in terms of the ranking, the best result in each of the events will be given a rating of 100 and all the other scores/distances will be calculated as a percentage of the winning one.  Therefore if someone wins the accuracy, S55 and trout distance they will finish with a maximum score of 300%.  However, this is unlikely but the overall winner will have to perform well in all three events.

With these rules the overall winner does not necessarily have to attend the Game Fair over all three days – so long as they record a score/distance in each of the three events that count,it doesn’t matter when they compete across the weekend.  Hopefully this will open up opportunities for casters who wouldn’t previously have had the chance to compete for the championship events.

If you’re attending the Game Fair this weekend hopefully you’ll have found us – we are tucked away at the far end of the lake but there should be signs.

Next week normal service will be resumed and a drunken FP will be served up.

Have a great week, James.