Quick one

Quick one

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 21 October 2022

Past week has been really busy. We have done reindeer round ups in three different fence area.

Winter is knocking on door. It has been few days now around zero on daytime and frost nights, each morning car windows has been covered with ice.

I'm hoping to go fishing on Saturday or Sunday to our lake, there is chance that it will get ice cover before that, so fingers crossed.

I have been building new fence for winter time at farm and that has been going nicely. It is not totally ready yet but looking good anyway.

I hurt my operated thumb with reindeer today and I really hope that it was just small hit even pain and use of thumb is not promising. That I will know after day or two.

Life is going around reindeer life at the moment, not really time for fishing

Have a nice weekend and go fishing