Quick Cast and update

Quick Cast and update

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 9 August 2023

A quick FP from me today. Another busy day of coaching, although I’m hoping to get a fish in after completing the final one today. During my morning lesson I spied a set of snakehead babies that rose twice. Just maybe I’ll get to meet their parents later.

Also on another note, rod orders are currently at about 3 weeks to ship now, unless you are lucky and we have the model that you want in stock. Certainly all custom rods are taking a little while as we have a backlog of orders we are getting through. If does however mean that if you want your name on the rod then it won’t take any extra time, because we can order up decals in time for your build!

And remember, each rod has a 1 in 666 chance to win you a two-week saltwater fly fishing adventure on the Sexyloops pirate yacht, as well currently coming with a Zoom fly casting lesson – a sort of in-person user manual.

I know you are saying “where is your campfire discussion with John Waters?” It’s coming. I’m just building up the excitement because it’s a good one!

I’m extremely busy at the moment and I’m not sure I can handle any more “flycasting athletes”. Maybe another one for now. If you are interested please let me know; the cost for Zoom coaching is 700USD for 12 sessions. I am considering increasing this and including some On Form video analysis as well – which is currently included while I explore any potential benefits. Anyway, the way it currently is now, is how it will remain, at least until the end of summer/winter/season – depending on your location!

Let’s talk guiding/chasing Snakehead. October/November/December are really prime months over here. It’s Wet Season and that means we find snakehead babies. I will be hosting one, max two trips, per month. If you would like to visit me for a trip, then please book soon or get in touch because these months will fill up shortly. If you are looking ahead then Mid March onwards is when it kicks off again.


It’s not all guiding and you can go self-guided. There is a separate fishing boat for this (and walkie talkies!). But you will definitely need some time with me first. A full day guided by me, with accommodation aboard the Battleship, as well as speciality cuisine (beans and potatoes) costs 600USD. Renting out “The Ronan” with accommodation and “gourmet” meals included, is 250USD/day. You can do some sort of combination of these.  I can also cater for two people, one guided, one self-guided and boat swapping, or even both of you can go "self-guided".

Fly in to Penang International Airport and I’ll pick you up in the Snakehead Truck!

Ok doke. Zoom session coming up... Ireland!! Great! :)))

Cheers,  Paul