Project Box

Project Box

Viking Lars | Saturday, 9 May 2015

After many careful and well controlled experiments with control groups, thorough documentation of both process and results, I bring you - The Box.

The first step of the process was finding the right box for this project. It took me many attemtps to find the right balance between size, material, functionality and volume. After many careful considerations, I ended up with this perfect compromise.

It's large enough, it's drained and ventilated on the front and in the bottom, and the plastic is just perfect to accomodate any temperatures that might occur in the trunk of my car (from a gruelling 10 degrees C below during the winter, and equally gruelling 35+ during summer).

The next problem was choosing the right method of attachement to the car. I wanted a solution, where I can attach and remoce The Box as I wish. Velcro was ideal, and it needed to be the right type of velcro - not too hard to remove, and yet, strong enough to carry anything I throw in The Box.

Then the glue to attach the velcro to The Box. After many experiments I ended up with good, old fashioned 2-component epoxy.

And lo and behold - I bring you The Box.

The other version of the above story is that I grabbed the small box from my small workshop, glued on the velcro with hot glue, which left the velcro hanging in the trunk of the car, but epoxy seems to hold up.

I use the box throw stuff in as I gear up - keys, coins, pocket knife - whatever's in my pockets that I don't want to bring with me fishing. And when I get back, it doubles as a place to dump wet flies (you know, not wet flies as in opposed to dry flies, but flies that have become wet :-). Especially when fishing the salt, I make sure to remove wet flies from the boxes so they don't rust and corrupt the other flies.

It's very handy I think :-).

EDIT: I'm not sure how many of you saw this page last Sunday (I know Paul did, but then he sees everything and watches over us like a hawk). I hijacked Bruce's page by accident (I think I'm finally coming to terms with this new backend system Paul's installed).

But, I must admit that the above described project ended up failing miserably as the glue failed after a few days. I pulled off The Box and the velcro stayed on the car and not on The Box :-). However, this is a typical example of how the simplest solutions to the simplest ptoblems often illude you. I went to the sewing store today, and they had sticky-back velcro, which seems to stick really well.

There's also been further development to the project- The easy-to-use sticky-back velcro made it easy to attach a peice of foam to the inside of the box. Here I place hooks I use for the tube flies. I of course placed the foam on the inside so that if the hooks come loose, they'll drop into the box, and not into the trunk of the car. I'm quite brilliant like that :-).