Producing a fly fishing movie

Producing a fly fishing movie

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Last week I travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark meeting Michael and Henrik. We then went on a weekend trip to Sweden. Michael has worked many years in the film industry as a director while Henrik has worked as an editor for many years. Both have been working with companies like Lukasfilm and Legoland for example. Our goal was to make detailed plans on producing a fly fishing movie within the next 12 months.

It was really inspiring to me to get into the details of film making guided by two serious experts. Our goal is to make a film being inspirational and transferring the excitement while also being educational. Of course any further details will be kept secret at the moment. No doubt we will do our best to win the Oscar – hopefully in 2017. ;)

Interesting to realize how much time it takes to make a serious film. Besides many details can be scheduled, the fish to come in are always impossible to be planned. This of course will be my part – what means I will spend a serious amount of time chasing some serious fish while having the camera watching me this year. To produce a proper fishing film is (I think) a huge challenge. Lots of things have to perfectly come together in just one short moment when landing and releasing fish for example. And proper fish in front of the camera never come easy of course. Anyway I will probably learn a lot and then also will be able to offer additional good fly fishing stuff on my Youtube channel.

Besides digging my way deeper into the production of fly fishing films I was fishing for pike perch and teaching fly casting during the last week. Of course we also had some casts over at the Swedish pike/Sea trout coast! This weekend I will travel to the western part of Germany (Ostfriesland) running further fly casting courses.

Hopefully you will be having some fly fishing to take place in your week as well!

All my best


Some pictures from last week...

fly fishing with bernd ziesche