Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Paul Arden | Sunday, 8 May 2022

For about four years now I’ve been working on a problem I have here missing Snakehead eats. Sometimes I feel that I’m going forwards, other times backwards. I’ve experimented with flies, leaders, timing the hook set. Last week I missed six out of the first seven eats. A change of fly and I caught another fish. But Dirk missed one on a similar fly later that day, so I’m not sure that’s the answer. But it is a problem I must solve because when I do I will possibly triple my success rate. And that’s why I am spending so much time experimenting! You know it’s hard to experiment on an already tough fishery and it takes time. However for me experimenting and learning is half the fun of fly fishing.

This week, as a result of a Board conversation, I’m going back to a previous leader set-up and taking the twisted leader off to see if stretch is the problem. I also have some new tube style flies with the dislocated hook which might be part of the answer too.

It’s a very busy week for me. The first half is packed with Zoom casting lessons and on Thursday Mika and Satu arrive from Finland for a couple of weeks. I’m excited to see them again and it’s going to be great fun fishing together. We will be both lake and river fishing.

Also very busy with HT sales at the moment.  Thanks for that!! Back Tuesday… I have a Zoom meet now :)))

Cheers, Paul