Prime prime prime prime Time!

Prime prime prime prime Time!

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 15 November 2022

This is it. Lake is rising. Snakehead are spawning. We are coming headlong into Prime Snakehead Time now. I know that the world is upside down, particularly if you are living in Europe. So this is a call to Aussies. Someone or two really should get in touch and book a trip with me between now and Xmas. Tim Kempton is over for the week the beginning of December. If you book now you can get in before him (maybe one or two of you Singaporeans?!). Or else straight after.

The alternative is Tim comes and then I fish the place flat out before and after. That’s not a bad option for me because I would actually really like to set about them properly and slam them! But I run a business and if we can do a couple of trips over this period then that would actually be preferable. Fishing wise I’m happy either way!

So if you fancy a trip over this incredible period then email me

Costs are guiding/teaching/me taking you fishing. 600USD/day including full board. You can also Rent The Ronan [Fly-Boat] for 250USD/day for one full board or 350USD/day for two sharing. Fly into Penang International Airport (all travel restrictions have been removed and tourists are welcome, even the unvaccinated). Airport taxi pickups, I can arrange, or even do myself - it’s about a 2.5hrs drive.

So that’s the deal. I would love to have some company over the next few months. Truly, guiding fly fishing is one of my passions. It’s a close second to me making the shot and sometimes it’s even better! – many of my most memorable fish here have been other people’s moments…. George’s 6.5KG Free-riser caught solo? That’s one of my all-time Malaysian highlights  and means more to me than any fish I’ve caught this year myself!

So that’s a call to action. Incidentally if you are thinking of visiting this time next year, then I would highly recommend booking now.  Next year is starting to fill up.

I had a cracking week last week. Very limited fishing time, not full days. And my biggest fish of the year so far. A wonderful moment and a brute of a fight. That fish I really “caught”. A very difficult shot to make happen and then execute. These moving open water targets can be hard to make happen. Anyway there is more information to that than is easy to explain in a FP.

A super combination with the HT8 and SA Bonefish 8. Quite a lot of casting finesse available with this tackle combination and it’s my go-to option here.  For most guests I recommend a 10WT first trip, especially if there are big (5KG+) Snakehead around.  But the 8 just has a casting/fishing/shot-taking edge for me.

Right, back to the boat. I plan a casting video soon  too but it’s hard to find the time at the moment; I’m moving into fishing-gear! I probably only have about five more Wet Seasons left here (I plan another adventure that will take me away from Malaysia). So I need to get on it. Time and fish are limited! Make it happen now while you can; that’s what life is all about :)))

Just imagine if there is no fishing in Heaven (or Hell) and we have to play bloody harps all day long… for eternity. Don’t waste any more time; get fishing!!

Cheers, Paul