Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 8 November 2015

As a Restaurant Manager in a busy famous restaurant I have to be always ready, prepared and be one step ahead of things happening. There is no space for random, casual things to happen. This is very related to the my fishing trips, as from now on I double check everything before I go fishing.

On my first bass trip, everything was shit - casting, line management, snags, why because the only thing I cared about was that there is a lake 30min drive from my place, and there is a chance of catching a bass there. Yes I caught a fish, but the time on the water wasn’t very efficient.

  -First the necessity of stripping basket, without it every cast was a struggle, catching on vegetation, stepping on the line on very muddy soil, this things made shooting line impossible.

Changing a spot without the basket was another pain. You can’t just drag the line along the lake shore, I had to wind all the line and strip it back down at another spot - what a waste of time. With a stripping basket every cast is a fishing cast.

  -Second thing are the flies.

On my first trip I choose random fly without weed guard - very bad idea. After every retrieve the fly came out full of weed, and I’m not sure how much time this fly spend in the water as a fishing fly and how much as a weed collector. Now all my bass flies have a weed guard, and things are fantastic, I can cast to very overgrown spots, retrieve and start my next cast very easily. 

 Weed guards are very helpful and make my time on the water very efficient.


  -Last thing on my prep list before I go fishing is to practice my casting a bit. I’m not saying full, long session, but just as a warm up, make the muscle memory work again  (I’m talking here about myself - haven't cast, fish for long time). Why I’m saying that? -  let me tell you I was glad I was alone, if somebody did see me that day they would never believe I am a casting instructor - that's how bad it was, even I couldn’t stand my doggy loops.

Another thing about casting I think is important is distance. It is a very useful tool being able to cast far. Many people say distance is not important, well not where I fish. 90% of my casts are between 80-100' casts with weighted fly and 11-12' leader and 6WT rod. I’m happy now that I spent a lot of my casting time on distance - it pays off now.

Week after, I put all those elements together and my fishing session was just a pleasure with awesome results.

I know there is a lot of pros on the board and things I’m writing about seems obvious to some, but maybe some lurkers browsing the Sexyloops website will learn something from it, and tell us their tips on how to have efficient day on the water.

Have a great start of the week.

Cheers, Mike