Premature start

Premature start

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 14 May 2021

It is 13th of May, Thursday when writing this. On Monday I was still snowmobiling and we had winter. Today it is summer or spring at least. Wednesday we had +20 celsius and today +25 celsius. (Friday should be back to normal +10 celsius) Still snow but hot like in hell. This is also my annual day off. Every other day during the year you can book me or I’m doing something, not today. Today is my birthday and as usual we go fishing (if there is any circumstance for fishing), this is my way to spent day off.

So yesterday I checked maps even I know my area but it was more like getting ready. As you can see from photos we still have snow and it is not possible use all the small roads or it could be really difficult go thru snow to the river. So I decided that we go on Kosto river (kosto=revenge). So after slow morning (I had some drinks yesterday and we had bottle of sparkling wine), I took our gears from winter storage and pack the car. I found out that belt from waders had shrunk during the winter, not much but enough that I had fix it little bit. ( I will blame Covid from that).

So we headed to river, in first parking lot there was allready 3 cars and next one 2. I don’t want to spent this day in the crowd, so I took my third option. That spot was empty ( I knew why, no good fishing in this point), but it was okay I just wanted to get lines straight and enjoy. We had short fishing and snacks. No bites from river so I thought that it start to be so late that maybe other spots are empty now. So we drove on our second spot. Only one car left and I knew that we have space to fish there anyway.

I knew those guys so we had short chat and then guys went to fireplace to have some drinks and gave us some room to fish. I had dries on line and I decided to go deep instead so I had to change flies. Earlier when I changed dries, I had some issues to get line thru the eye but I thought that it was just because flies were size 16 and 18.  When putting nymphs I had some issues again, not much but enough that I knew it. I had to get reading glasses, it will make that thing much easier. (On the way home we stopped on grocery and I saw reading glasses for 3 euros, so I bought one just to test)

When I got flies on line, it was time to fish again. After few cast grayling and then another one and one more. Satu got one also so I was happy about fishing session. Then I was mostly just casting and playing around with rod. I had to say that earlier (before Sexyloops rods) every time after winter I had feeling that I’m starting from zero about casting. This past years (especially today) with HT I had feeling that rod is just extansion on my hand. It is so easy to start etc. I don’t know if you have had this kind of issues but for me having 6-8 months without casting and fishing…. well you kind of loose touch. If you know what I mean. You are so eager to fish that you forgot some basic things. It might be just me.Today I had no problems about casting. I would mostly give credit to rod. It is always like just one day without fishing when I cast with HT. (okay enough sells speak, you got the idea). I noticed that it was also easier for Satu also after winter. (She has now lady shaman HT)

When we came back to home I had to test new glasses, if those help with knots. And they do. So yesterday everything was okay and today when getting older it hit like train, I had to get glasses. I can live with that anyway as long as I can fish.

It was great day and best was to be back on the river.

Have a nice weekend

Mika the Legend

Ps. some photos from trip and glasses.