Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 13 May 2022

You have read about us getting ready to fishing trip to Malaysia. Now we are on the point that we are finally travelling. Monday evening packing and getting last things done. Tuesday morning hitting one more Donald Duck-experience and then finally on the road.

I'm pretty sure that if I would write book about my Donald Duck -moments, no-one would believe it can really happen. Well, if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger. We will enjoy our trip and adventure in any case. 

We haven't been training casting as much we were supposed. I could give multiple explanation for that. Main are time and circumstances, training on ice and hard snow is not really simple. I just say that we have basic for snakehead shot and rest... well Paul can fix.

Our trip is planned to be three part, one in lake and Sungai tiang, second river in Taman Negara and then city holiday in Penang. Last part is still under construction kind of.

You might have read from Paul's FP, that I have made lot of questions. Some of them have been kind of silly ones, some others stupid and some just because of laziness. Last week we had confusing moment. There is application MySejahtera which you need to have for arriving Malaysia. In this point won't open that much, I want to see that we really get in and I have real experience arrival. App is for registration around covid vaccination etc. There were two different info and now we are using the one which was latest update. Which will make sense of course. They checked that we have application in Finland when doing check-in, also all the papers where checked. Application was checked one more time in Istanbul before boarding was allowed.

When we planned our Taman Negara part I made silly, no I would say annoying questions to Paul. I realized that I get similar ones from my guests. I allready have solution for that and still I'm not using it. One reason is that all the groups have more or less individualized programm, so questions are more or less different.

And still some are same ones. So basic info about licenses, accomandation, money, health, security etc are the same pretty much. Then what is included trips are the same more or less as well gears. I have sheet for that where you can have all the basic info and still I never sent it to anyone. Stupid me.

And at the same time there is good reason why I don't sent pre-info sheet. It is too robotic. I want chat with my guests, I want to give answer even stupid and silly questions. I want to make connection with them and built trust. That all hit me when making final "reservation" for Taman Negara. I was asking what and if questions..

What if we are shorter than planned due weather, could we get some discount for some funny reasons, what is really included on price. You know, money and value of the trip comparing pricing. NOTE: THIS IS NOT PAUL'S AFFAIR. With him I wouldn't even make these doubted questions. 

It is just fine to make those doubted questions, but we all should know where are the limits, with questions and answers.

Be brave and make questions... and all you guides have patience, it could be once in the life time experience for your guests. (for us not for sure) 

Have a nice weekend and go fishing, I certainly will.

Mika the Legend 

Ps. When you read this I should have my fishing opening going on or finished all ready depends where you are reading this. It will be first fishing day for snakehead and gourami. Happy birthday to me.