Viking Lars | Saturday, 19 January 2019

Behind “plastic in the basket”, both the concept and the hashtag, is Danish angler and writer, Nikolaj Korsholm. The message and the goal is simple - raise awareness of the general plastic-problem that we all know, raise awareness to the fact that there’s a lot of plastic on our own, Danish beaches, and most importantly, that we can all make a difference.

The hashtag is of course based on the fact that most Danish saltwater flyfishers use a line tray/basket, and the simple idea is that when you walk back to the car, take what ever trash you come across and fill your basket.

By doing so we can all make a small difference, and if (and hopefully when) we use the hashtag on social media, we can make others to the same. There’s no website, no office, just an Instagram-profile and the hashtag. And hundreds and hundreds of fishers making a difference. Please follow the Instagram-profile and help spread the good word.

On many Danish beaches (even the ones we fish) you’ll find trash cans where you park your car, and the mind boggling part is of course how people can leave the trash. A lot of it washes up from the ocean, but that was also left by one.

Please consider doing the same - when you go fishing, pick up the trash you find, and dispose of it responsibly. I would say that you’ll find some plastic and trash on *every* beach in Denmark, and I’m not sure if it’s #plasticinthebasket that is responsible, but as the PoD shows, the beach I last visited and walked was CLEAN. So I’m confident in saying that it makes a difference.

This is activism that makes difference!

Have a great weekend!