Planning next summer

Planning next summer

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 18 December 2020

As you might guess all my great plans for this year were throwed away. Flushed from toilet. I had planned trips to Russia and Sweden, all cancelled. So I was fishing home waters and one trip to norhtern Finland. You have read about that allready. Last weekend Satu was watching TV, there was programm Arctic waters going, same crew that we have been filming with. But Satu got idea and I was buying it immediately.

There is big lake in northern Finland, called Pöyrisjärvi. It is surrounded by dunes, sand and gravel bottom. Home of big graylings and trouts. Not easy to fish but just like I want, wilderness. I have thinking about going that area many years. In the end I have always found more interested fishing place, not necessarrily better but, you know how it goes. Better spots are always on other side of the river.

Back to planning, it is still in the beginning. I have various idea how to make trip and where to fish, just lake or maybe lake and then down to river. My biggest issue is that I found good time for the trip. I don’t want to have lot of other people around on that trip, so it should be August maybe end of that. On that time weather can be changing fast but there is always something.

As I’m getting older which I’m not but my kids and Satu seems to remind me about that all the time. I have come more picky about our trips. I enjoy fishing with friends and so on. When doing trips with Satu I do like mostly to fish just with her. I don’t like lot of people around on that time. We both enjoy silence of nature and feeling of wilderness. As working in tourism business thru winter with lot of people around. Trips like what we plan are best for my soul and heart. Just fishing and Satu, okay maybe few beers and single malt. Fire, don’t forget fire. Sitting by the fire and under clear sky, no artificial lights. It is something to live for.

So we have our destination decided, if it is possible I will combine that to trip to Sweden. But that will be something extra if Covid-19 would be down on that time. Front photo is from yesterday when it was -20 celsius. This makes you dream even more on coming summer.

Have a nice weekend and stay healthy

Mika from Finland