Planning for 2020

Planning for 2020

Tracy&James | Thursday, 16 January 2020

It’s about now that I start planning the casting events for the BFCC for the year. During 2020 I need to deconflict with a number of other activities including the UK Fly Casting Championship in June and the World’s in September. There are also other casting events that we might attend such as Bart’s meetings in Holland, the EWF and of course the Sexyloops gathering in Bosnia in September after the World’s.

We have already set the date for the first BFCC Meeting in Cullompton CC, Devon on Sunday 8th March. I also have the dates for the two shows we support, Sportfish in May and the Game Fair in July. However I have to wait to set up many of the other Meeting dates until the cricket and rugby clubs that we use as venues have set their fixtures; this normally happens in late January.

We are planning several Meetings this year including the usual ones such as in Kent, Shropshire, Jersey and Essex, plus some new ones perhaps in South Wales and Scotland and maybe even reinstate the Meeting in Cambridgeshire. The 2019 Yorkshire Meeting venue was fantastic so we intend to rearrange that one, but earlier in the year as the short days in November gave us a arduous challenge to run all the competition events in daylight.

Picking dates for the meetings is not that easy as we only run them at the weekend to hopefully maximise the attendance and we avoid bank holidays. We also try to ensure that as many of the key BFCC members, who help to run the Meetings and/or provide tuition, are available too. Hence it does require a lot of time to organise things to balance all these considerations. As I have a big birthday to plan for James plus other big celebrations for some close family members, I will aim to keep those dates free too.

Regardless, once the dates are set, it means that I can then plan my own fishing trips around these dates (or in some cases such as Jersey, during the days around the Meeting). I plan to arrange lots of fishing in Wales, both North and South,plus in Scotland during 2020. Also, James fancies a few short fishing trips abroad, with a long holiday later in the year to Australia. Well, we need something more interesting to talk about in our FPs! So now just need to get out the calendar and get planning!

Whatever you are doing this weekend, enjoy and tight lines,


 Photo is courtesy of Paul Oldham who kindly photographed the Yorkshire Meeting last November.