Pike preparations...

Pike preparations...

Viking Lars | Saturday, 25 November 2017

With around three weeks to the upcoming Germany-trip, I'm keeping a keen eye on the long term weather forecast, because as I mentioned, the Baltic freezes over with just a few degrees of frost over a night or two. But it's a knife's edge - Bernd also says that as the water gets colder, the really big ones come into reach. Let's see what happens.

I tied a handful of flies to get preparations going (and I can't even show you a picture, becasue I forgot them at the office, where I brought them to show the to a colleague).

I'm working on the basic Craft Fur BaitFish, which is a really simple tie: Craft Fur tail on a long hook, Polar Chenille body and reverse-tid Craft Fur to create wing and head. Head can be epoxy/light cured resin or a FishMask and a set of eyes. Flash to suit. You can see the fly in the PoD.

It's a simple and fast tie that can be tied sparse or full as you desire and it's quite durable too. I tied some in brownish colours for my trip to Moen in the autumn, and they fished really well. I do need to think of a way to stiffen up the tail a little. It fouls a bit more than I like, so maybe I'll add some bucktail or some kind of stiffer synthetic in the tail. Maybe even stiffen up the part closest to the hook with a dab of LC resin.

And as you can see in today's PoD, which was shot this morning in the backyard - we've had frost tonight. Not good - and then on the other hand, I have decided that this is a temporary cold spell to cool down the water, so it'll be stocked with huge pike mamas, which will go on a feeding frenzy becasue the water juuuust warms up a tad, when we get a mild period in the middle of December (straws, I know).

It's winter (at least where I am) and that usually means that we can expect a new fly fishing book or two to read over Christmas. I've already ordered (and talked about Jason's masterpiece) and just yesterday, I ordered another one. Swedish salmon and salmon fly guru, Mikael Frödin, has written a book on his favourite salmon flies, many of which of course are patterns of his own. When someone who's been as influential and succesful as Frödin for over 25 years writes a book like this, I think it's worth buying - and it's not even expensive. If you order today, Mikael is even offering a "Black Weekend" 20% discount. You can find the book here.

Have a great weekend!


PS - Axe update: I have procured a wonderful piece of ash from a friend, stored for some 8-10 years, so it's ready to use. Axe will be ready in time to cut down the Christmas tree with the kids.