Piffing Fishen

Piffing Fishen

Paul Arden | Monday, 13 May 2019

Piffen is over from Sweden again; one week down, two weeks to go. The fishing is not easy at the moment but we are getting more and more shots and by leading the fish by more than usual they are catchable. I had one Snakehead in the boat this week and about four or five other chases and another that was hooked but snagged me when I failed to stop his run. Not easy, but truthfully we missed most of the morning sessions because of late night campfires! This week we will shift our time around to ensure we manage every morning session from now on - even if it means throwing buckets of water over Piffen’s hammock!!

I’m fishing the HT8 because Piffen is fishing my HT10. I tried the HT prototype 7’6 10WT but both my accuracy as well as my Snakehead Shot Distance suffered and after failing to present the fly effectively to two comfortable shots, I switched back to my previous go-to Snakehead rod. Nowadays it feels seriously under-gunned, after fishing the 10 solidly for the last three years. Also I’m convinced the Torzite rings that the rod sports makes a noticeable shoot. 

This week I plan to make some movies and I believe Chuan is visiting next weekend. We will fish a different part of the lake to ring the changes. I expect this to be a bumper season. We are two months ahead of where we normally are at this time of year, both in low water levels and fish activity. 

To other things: The Sexyloops Competition is going well. Remember here are the rules... 

I would like a 10 fish week this week and I would love to see Piffen catch both a Gourami as well as a Snakehead. I’m pretty certain Piffen’s 50th Birthday Wish was for a huge Snakehead! :D

There is a good thread here on the amount of force typically applied when fighting fish at various rod angles. I did quite a bit of work on this topic some years ago. It’s nice to see some numbers for the Double-Handed Dildo. 

Cheers, Paul