Physiotherapy and Fly Fishing

Physiotherapy and Fly Fishing

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 28 November 2018

I am still in a heavy battle of daily physiotherapy in order to hopefully get my hand properly recovered at some point. At the moment it doesen't look too good. I am suffering some pain all day and night long. Also I am nowhere near to be able to make a fist or to use any serious grip to cast my fly rod. Luckily I don't know how to fail and thus WILL nearly fully recover!

Most important I am fully back in my job. While teaching how to fly fish for pike my clients caught a hell lot of fine pike during the past 6 weeks! Lots of big ones and personal bests were included. Just brilliant!

Besides that my days start and end with self physio therapy trying to get a tiny bit of flexibilty back into my fingers every day. Of course casting is a sort of therapy as well. So I am working on it all day long day by day. Probably I am completely overdoing!? But hey, I am not good in slowing down when it comes to having everyone catching some fine fish. Yet all clients did succeed though!

Hopefully I will be able to join Paul fishing the Malay jungle in 2019. Truly would love to sleep in his cruise ship. ;)

It's 1 am now and I NEED some sleep before starting to chase pike again in the morning. Hopefully you'll all have a pain free fantastic (fly fishing?) week!

All my best


Some impressions of our lasts days...

pike and fly fishing
pike and pike