Photo Opportunities

Photo Opportunities

Tracy&James | Thursday, 2 February 2017

In preparation for our fishing and casting activities this year, James and I needed to buy some new cameras after we had a few mishaps with the old ones. Whilst on holiday in the Bahamas, James managed to drown one camera by carefully placing it in a waterproof bag after taking a photo of me with a bonefish, only to find later that sea water had been splashed unknowingly into the bag – this camera never switched on again no matter what we tried! The other camera was found to have an aberration on the lens that resulted in difficulty on focusing and hence fuzzy photos and videos. This was probably due to it being ‘placed’, a little too enthusiastically, down on the ground after taking a photo of a fish in order to ensure that the fish was quickly and carefully released. It also started to have a life of its own when zooming, which often meant I missed a great photo opportunity and the camera nearly ending up in the water in frustration.

So we’ve been researching different types of cameras and realised that perhaps we need ones not just with a multitude of functions, but ones that were also waterproof and ‘tough’. After months of deliberating we have just acquired two new cameras (James is not the quickest in making decisions about purchases; it took him four years to decide to change car last time; and he’s still mulling over the next car change though this has only been for 3 years to date!). Both new toys are full of functions and waterproof, however the cheaper one (for James) may not be that ‘tough’ whereas mine (the more expensive one) is. It’s also nice and small so will easily fit in a pocket, though the manual for it is huge in comparison and definitely not pocket sized! I get the better one as I’m more likely to take photos, you can tell this by how often you see me in the photos we post! 

We are looking forward to trying out the new cameras in the coming months and the outcome of our attempts will hopefully be seen in future posts…

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