per and neil fishing skålestrømmen

per and neil fishing skålestrømmen

t.z. | Friday, 10 August 2018

Last week Per from Sweden and Neil from London came to fish Skålestrømmen. They had picked a very good week. It was sunny and warm for he most time. The hatches were OK and the fishing very good too. Despite all the warm weather, Skålestrømmen stayed cool and the fish were active and very fit. It was not easy to keep them on once hooked.

Neil (he is also on the board) was very creative and really explored each and every corner of the area. Very inspiring to watch such dedicated fisherman. He tried everything he knew and also gave new methods a try. Per was game, but had a different approach. Both caught good fish and had great time.

During the day we tied flies, discussed the previous nights fishing and planned the next adventure.

I really missed the two when they had to leave after a very busy week.

some pictures ...

per and neil1

per and neil2

per and neil3

per and neil4

per and neil5

per and neil6

per and neil7

per and neil8

per and neil9

per and neil10

per and neil11

per and neil12

per and neil13