Paul 50

Paul 50

Viking Lars | Saturday, 19 December 2020

Believe it or not, Paul is 50 years to day (almost yesterday where he is, which I happen to know is currently Malaysia, just so you know - it's not easy to keep track of). We have a set rotation here on Sexyloops, so we all write our front pages on the same week day, so I'm quite please that by coincidence I get to write Paul's 50-years birthday frontpage. We've had quite a special friendship for just over 20 years.

Even though Paul is racing around the world, we've had the opportunity to meet many, many times. Most often in the UK, where we've hung out, cast well into the night (with lumi lines), had beers, philosophical discussions around the campfires and had lots of competition with friends from all over. We've fished in Hungary, Denmark, Ukraine and other places and I am so looking forward to going to Malaysia (no plans yet).

Our most recent (quasi) philosophical discussion was about luck. As it turned out, Paul was very surprised that I don't believe in luck. Paul told about a friend of his, who won the lottery twice and called that luck. I called it coincidence, and of course later on, when Paul told that the same friend later had gone blind, the discussion took a completely different direction.

We've travelled together both for fishing and instructor exams (don't even get me started on the stories from the Ukraine-trip - that trip was the definition of madness) and as we have grown up (no, we haven't) our families have even hung out together.

You all know these friendships where you just know, after spending 15 minutes with someone, that it's there for good. And I know this is one of them (not least after some 20 years).

Paul, congratulations - I know you'll have a great day!
Happy Birthday, my friend!