Parks and hotels

Parks and hotels

Viking Lars | Saturday, 9 April 2022

I sometimes go away for a few days on work related conferences and other meetings, which always means a night, maybe two or three, in another city, sometimes another country, if I’m lucky. I very much enjoy this, but sometimes I tend to shy away from the larger, social gatherings in the evenings. And then what to do?

Well, I’m very rarely bored, I enjoy taking a walk in the cities, especially since the ones I visit for conferences often have a history, monuments and buildings I’d like to see. But they don’t always and I certainly don’t enjoy hotel rooms. So then what to do?

Much depends of course on time of year and where I’m staying. Google Maps is my go-to for information. If there’s a park or other open areas within walking distance, I’ll often bring a fly rod, reel and line and spend an hour or two practicing. This is of course obvious to combine with a walk to a castle or a church.

If it’s winter, it might be too cold (or snowing) to be casting outside, not to mention the dark (cue: Sexyloops Lumi Line) and then I bring some fly tying gear. Not much, just enough for a pattern or two and my C&F Marco Polo set. Then, after the typical evening conference dinner, I retire to my room (that sounds very posh) and sit down to tie some flies. I might have been optimistic and ambitious leaving home and also have archaeological literature in the bag, aspiring to update myself on a certain topic. That usually ends up being a waste of space and effort.

I never have check in luggage for these trips, so sometimes it’ll take some persuading to bring the rod and line on board, but it can be done. If not, I’ll l either leave it in the car, or ask my wife to take it back with her.

When there’s time, a couple of hours of casting practice and sightseeing and a few flies before bed, is a perfect and very enjoyable way of spending the afternoons and evenings.


PoD: HT 905 Comp, Vosseler Air One with a MED 5-wt and under that, a small camo (!) pack cube with materials for a tube fly. On the train, heading to Copenhagen.