Outstanding Catching Days

Outstanding Catching Days

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Catching a lot of fish when nearly everyone does it, isn't special. But catching a lot of (big) fish when most anglers don't catch much if any fish, that usually asks for some serious skills. At the moment it seems like I pretty well learnt my lessons within the past 15 years of excessive fly fishing for pike on Rügen island (or if you like German Pike-land).

This summer Germany received total temperature records in many waters. Lots of fish died based on too low oxygen levels combined with these high temperatures (above 25° Celsius). Right now I am teaching fly fishing for pike at Rügen (German Pike-land). Most anglers don't catch much if any pike. That's for sure. The water is still too warm and due to the hot summer most pikes are not in the same places where they had been in the previous years. I tried a lot of places in order to put all pieces together and see the full picture of where the pike are and in what mood they are.

Fair to say my guests caught a shit load of great fish during the last week. We landed more than 200 pikes. Most were between 70 and 115cm. One was maybe even a little bigger. ;) Since the water is still around 10° Celsius all pike are in strong fighting conditions. I saw a lot of serious runs at the end of my client's lines!

Simply we had pike fishing at it's best!!!

Hopefully we will be able to keep it on this level for some longer!? It did take me a week to find out where the pike are and how to catch them. They really are not in those places where they used to be. And then they are very picky based on the tough conditions. Good for me as a guide of course. :)

In general the conditions are very tough this autumn. But that is fantastic, because it forces me to improve my skills and learn new details!

Right now it's midnight, my hand still hurts and I need some hours rest before we start fishing again in the early morning.

I will position some pictures of last week below. Hopefully you may get inspired to go out and fish for pike yourself. It really is a fantastic fish to aim for.

Great fishing week to all of you!

All my best

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