Orange Terror

Orange Terror

Viking Lars | Saturday, 30 May 2020

Orange Terror is the name of a fly that was high (and I mean highly) succesful on the end of the leader of its creator, Niels Jørgen Plougman. Niels Jørgen and I fished and tied flies together many years ago, and with this fly, Niels Jørgen would pull out 2-3-4 sea trout for every one to two I caught. And reluctantly I’d switch over. Reluctantly because I really think the fly’s horrible and I was (and am) always keen to catch fish in flies that looks somewhat like what I think the fish are feeding on.

And ultimately, I just had to admit that this fly was extremely effective. It was in fact a variant of another fly that Niels Jørgen first - Brown Twinkle Nymph. Tied in exactly the same way, just using brown chenille, brown Twinkle and a brown hackle. This fly was good too, btw, but not outstanding like this one.

That orange and bright yellow flies could be (and are) effective doing cold winter fishing was common knowledge, and I’m pretty sure this is what Niels Jørgen had in mind when he tied this simple fly. But the odd thing about this one is that Niels Jørgen caught sea trout on it during mid summer, no wind, mirror calm water, blazing sun and in the middle of the day - conditions in which I would usually say sea trout fishing is a waste of time.

The fly popped up in the back of my mind a while back, and I was out of the original Lureflash Twinkle in orange. A while after I met Niels Jørgen again, and since he had stock-piled a long time ago, he kindly sent me a pack. I just lay there in the box with flash materials, and the other day I decided to tie a handful. It’s certainly not the most beautiful fly, nor is it hard to tie.

The chenille and hackle I used for this one are the exact same that Niels Jørgen used in the 1990ies, because I remember us buying them together in a small, local fly shop.

After tying up a handful, I noticed the pack of flash said “Fluo. Orange” and I hit the flies with a UV-torch, and they certainly lit up, more than most other UV-materials I’ve seen. Maybe this is the secret behind the fly’s effectiveness?

I don’t know, but I’ve now tied up a bunch (it’s a good dropper, btw) and I’ve stock-piled Lureflash Twinkle, so I’ve got enough for at least 500 Orange Terrors. That should see me through a few years.

Hot orange lures are also inportant to carry for stillwater trout fishers. In Paul's 19996 "A beginner's Guide To Stillwater Trout Angling", he also recommends them for warm water and tricky trout.

Have a great weekend!


The pattern:
 Hook: Ahrex 280 #6-8.
Thread: UNI 8/0, Fire Orange.
Tail: 10-12 straws fl. orange Lureflash Twinkle.
Body: Orange chenille.
Hackle: Orange cock hackle.
Back: The rest of the tail, folded over and tied down behind the head.

I never weight it, but you can.