One place to fish

One place to fish

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 24 January 2020

We had short holiday last weekend. After 3 groups on Friday we drove 500 km to Sweden. There is nice guesthouse by the river. I visited that place last winter with snowmobile group and I liked place a lot, nice stuff, good food and beautiful scenery. Guesthouse is located next to Lainio river, it is well-knowed, especially upper part (mountain part) for fishing. You can find big graylings, trout and salmon from upper part, best way to get there is helicopter. Lower part where guesthouse locate has great fishing also but it is not so ”legendary” than upper part.

On the way we visited our friends and I got request to find tvshooting place again. So on second evening we ended up to ask about fishing in the area, which I knew had possibilities because Lainio but also it is close to Tornioriver (Sweden part). We sat in lounge, Tilted reindeer are talk with bartender. We found out that Jesper has fishing tackle shop in Pajala and that he is fishing guide but also he has few kilometres private strecht in Lainio river. I would call this jackpot, you ask from random guy about fishing and he is expert on the area.

So we ended up to talk about fishing for long, where to fish, how etc. Jesper told about how his season is going and where he like to fish and I was doing same. In some point Satu asked from Jesper where he would like to fish most, if he could go anywhere without thinking about expensives. So question was throwed…..

After that I started to think really about this. You have probably played the game where you need to choose which one you would like to f….. I think about this ”game” little more, but different approach. If I would have change to have sex just one more time and it would be done rest of my life, well that is nowadays easy one but….. If you could fish one week anywhere you want and it would be done then.

That is difficult one, I just mention few options, New Zealand, Tasmania, Patagonia, British Columbia, Alaska, Ural, Baikal, Malaysia, Iceland, Kamantskatka……. List will go on and on. Maybe some river nearby or faraway, which you would choose. For me it would not only be because of fishing. When I was younger, I just wanted to have lot of fish and big ones. Nowadays I settle less for quantity and more in quality. And quality doesn’t just mean fishing, for me it is also nature around. It also means that fishing has to offer something, everyone likes to have quantity but I think it is not all. If you get fish with every cast there is not really excitement anymore. When you have to work harder to get one big fish or make difficult cast to succeed, I promise it will give you better feeling than getting 20 smaller ones up.

So what would be my choice? I don’t know yet. I’m not on that point yet that I should make so difficult decission. So I try fish as many places as possible before I have to make one last trip.  I know that any trip can be the last one but it is one reason why you should make any fishing you do like it will be the last one. Not worrying about places that haven’t been fished but places you have been fishing, scenery, company etc.

Have a nice weekend and make your fishing memorable

Mika from Finland



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