On Fire

On Fire

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Many years ago the editor of the former German fly fishing magazine „Der Fliegenfischer“ published a photo presenting a fly fisherman lying pretty relaxed on the river bank watching a HUGE fish splashing right in the middle of the river. The editor asked what one would see in this picture? Back then I was 20 years old and replied to see a fly fisherman who obviously lost his fire!

It was this fire burning inside me, which always made the one large difference between fly fishing and all other hobbies I came across. When seeing a huge fish (or even a small one) splashing I always had to try to catch it. The moment I see the fish I start getting nervous. Fair to say such a huge fish easily turns on my hunting mode within a millisecond!

I also replied to the editor, that I was hoping to never lose this fire and to never get in the always relaxed fishing mood. The editor thought my answer to be a bad one. He was hoping for me to see a very experienced fly fisherman who got so experienced to no longer have a need to react on every fish – even if it was a huge one.

Now more than 20 years later I know that my wish came true and the fire inside me burns stronger and stronger. When seeing a huge fish I still want to catch it or help one of my students to catch it. And still I hope it will always be that way. Because this – and today I am sure about it – for me is the heart of all my fly fishing. It’s about passion, obsession and I am addicted to it. I am definitely on fire!

Right now we are having a blast! We are having fantastic fishing in Norway at the river Glomma again. Tomorrow I will be fishing together with my good friend Hein van Aar. He is the river keeper of the Kvennan fly fishing zone and an excellent fly fisherman himself. I am pretty sure we will fish in some secret spot. And yes, I am already on fire because I can imagine some very serious fish to be in that spot!

Are you one fire?

All my best


p.s.: Last week I wrote about the Dark Night. Just the day after I did it again and caught a nice pike perch on a WHITE fly stripped pretty fast in the middle of darkness.

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