Old is New Again – Home Water

Old is New Again – Home Water

Matt Klara | Sunday, 13 March 2016

Hello again everyone! Matt Klara here. It’s been a while since I last wrote a Sexyloops FP, but Paul has invited me back to fill in at least some of the time on Sundays. Long-time Loops readers might remember me from the Wednesday FP slot back in 2007 through 2011. For new readers, I hope you like what I have to say. I’m hoping that I can bring some new ideas to the FP and share some of my experiences and adventures from the past few years, as well as those which have yet to happen. Like always, I’m hoping that I can make folks think about fishing – maybe in a new and different way. So, in a way, what was old is new again.

When I first met Paul, I was living in Montana.  Montana, as it turns out, is a pretty great place to live if you like to flyfish.  In 2006 I moved to Oregon.  Oregon is also a pretty good place to live if you like to flyfish, especially for imaginary steelhead.  A lot happened in Oregon, including the writing of a lot of FPs.  But most things come to an end at some point, and it turns out that I moved back to Montana again just this past summer.  So, in a way, what was old is new again.

While I did visit my friends and family and fish in Montana while I lived in Oregon, I certainly wasn’t able to fish through the seasons and keep up with trends on all my old home waters.  Since I moved back, it has been quite interesting revisiting many of those fisheries.  In some instances, I’ve noticed some real changes, and not all for the better.  Certain fisheries are seeing a lot more angling pressure.  A couple of my old “secret spots” have fallen victim to the masses - exposed by fly shops, guides, and social media.  Some fisheries have changed as a result of the lengthy drought we are in.  The hatch timing or the bugs themselves are a little different.  Low water conditions have defined new holding areas. The fishing in those places has changed.  Worse? It’s hard to say. Different? Yes.  Fortunately, most of my old tricks still work, and I’ve already learned a few new ones.  So, even on the home waters, what was old is new again.

I don’t live in the same place in Montana as I did before.  And while some of the water I have access to is the same as it was before, I can head in the other direction and find myself on what seems like an unlimited number of rivers, creeks, lakes, and ponds that are completely new to me.  My favorite part of fishing is the exploring, the travelling into the unknown to try and find something great, and figure out how a place works.  New equals Exciting.  It might be finding a new secret creek with huge brown trout, or it might be locating a roadside bar with the best burgers in the state.  Paul’s great quote from long ago sums it up best.  “Life is an exploration... Bring fly rods!” And the exploration continues.  So, what was old is new again.

Lastly, when I first started writing for Sexyloops, I had a goal of meeting new people from all over the world who shared my passion for angling and other great parts of life.  I succeeded in that goal back then, and enjoy the friendships with folks from places like the UK, Denmark, Australia, and NZ that I formed long ago to this day.  And now I’m back, and I have that same goal again.  So, what was old is new again.

Take Care & Fish On,