Off to Oswestry

Off to Oswestry

Tracy&James | Thursday, 20 June 2019

This will be a brief FP as I am writing it as James is driving us up to North Wales to prepare our house for friends who will be staying with us to support this weekend’s BFCC Meeting.

The car is fully packed with all the BFCC gear needed to run a Meeting, even down to a portable table that we use to help run the competition – and no, we don’t use it to stand on for one of James’ experiments!

We are holding the event in our regular location in Oswestry running the usual competitions and providing casting tuition from some of our top instructors. I’ve already had requests from attendees about tuition expectations and from others letting me know their ‘excuses’ for casting badly in advance. Although last year we all had a great excuse for casting badly as the grass on the field we used hadn’t been mown for some weeks; this year they have promised me that this will not be repeated.

The weather doesn’t look too bad for the weekend, though it’s unlikely that any distance records will be broken as light winds are predicted. The ground may be damp due to the recent significant amount of rain but hopefully we’ll miss the showers as I didn’t pack the BFCC marquee! I need a bigger car to transport that as well.

We’re planning to do some casting practice before the Meeting and hopefully go river fishing over the weekend, though this isn’t looking good as the rivers are still high and coloured. This has some positives as there have been reports of sea trout in the Elwy and Clwyd and maybe also true of the Dee. Fingers crossed that we’ll be able to do some fishing.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, have fun and tight lines, 


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