Nothing goes like planned

Nothing goes like planned

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 3 July 2020

Since March everything has been more or less altered. We had some great fishing trip planned on August, Varzina, Russia and Sweden. Our Varzina trip has been moved to 2023, so it is 3 more years of waiting. Sweden, well that is still kind of banned to go even I know lot of Finnish people don’t mind about restriction. It is kind of understanable, everyone has planned and waited their fishing trip over long winter, so.

Our Varzina trip is moved and there is nothing what we can do about it. What makes me happy is that river company handle that pretty good and everyone are happy after all how it went. So we have time to plan and dream about that trip.

For Sweden I still keep back door open. We are not going there until is allowed even it feels little stupid. I hope that maybe on September we are able to go and do some autumn grayling fishing like I did last year. It was great fishing and not so crowded on that time.

We had great plan about coming summer but now it is time to concentrate fishing on home waters. Which is great, too often you think that fishing is better on the other side of river. It can be as good or even better on your side.

After long and hot period we had heavy raining. It became a necessity. Water temps were getting too high and nature was longing also some water. Fishing got lot better after rain. Cooler water and invigorated fish. So on coming weekend back to the river. Of course it is time to hay making also but forecast is that it will some showers now and then. It means that we have break from hay making. Last night I came back from the field 3 am. Today rest and tomorrow maybe fishing.

This year has showed in hard way that nothing goes like planned. So fingers crossed and maybe, just maybe some great fishing in home waters again.

Have a nice weekend.

Mika from Finland

ps. we have 10 puppies so they keep us also busy.