Nothing beats sleeping under the stars

Nothing beats sleeping under the stars

Paul Arden | Monday, 4 February 2019

Many people think I’m a little bit crazy and maybe I am just a little bit. I’ve pretty much managed to skip the whole rat race thing, although I’m trying to make a little bit of money at the moment - so that Ashly and I can buy a yacht and sail and fish around the world. However I’m not doing this at the expense of fishing; simply I’m focussing on fishing in places where I can actually make more of a living - while still of course fishing all the time.

It’s the whole living outdoors without a roof part that appears to go over most people’s heads. I find this really odd because we evolved living outdoors. Living outdoors here in the jungle is extremely pleasant. The daytime can be a little bit hot, granted, although it’s not so difficult out on the water, but it’s the evenings and nights that are a decidedly pleasant; ~26C for much of the evening with the coldest temperatures occurring around 5 o’clock in the morning, when the temp is a cool... 22/23C. 

Now you may think that 22/23C is warm, or hot even, especially if you live in Cumbria like Lee, but it doesn’t take too long for the body to adapt to the tropical climate. After all, we did come from the jungle, and while early man evolved in Africa some 200,000 years ago, man has been living in these parts of Malaysia for 80,000 years. Indeed the “Orang Asli” which translates to “Original People” are the earliest settlers, some travelled on to Australia, populating that continent too.

Every night at the moment, I sleep in the jungle, on the boat, looking at the stars. There can be no words to describe how amazingly are the moonless nights out here in the Malaysian jungle. 

We as a species have lost something. Living in our cities, in our houses and flats. All that city light means you can’t see the most amazing spectacle of all - the Universe. There are no words to describe that feeling you get from looking out at the stars. It is timeless. 

In the same way that human speech probably evolved around campfires and is something inherent to our species, looking at the stars gave us wonder. And that is really what defines man. So turn that TV off, unplug that Internet, and go outside and find out what it is to be alive. 

I wrote that on the boat! Tongue Out

It’s been a very tough week last week. For three days I didn’t see a single fish. This is why I don’t guide at this time of year! The fishing will pick up in around a month or so when Snakehead babies start to appear in numbers with their parents. 

In the meantime I’ve been taking a close look at the shaded lake areas. Last year, at a time of year when the sun was shining from the opposite hemisphere (around the month of May), I was finding Giant Gourami feeding from the surface in these morning shady areas. I’m not finding that at the moment. However these shady areas do look very inviting and so I think this week I will spend some time exploring them with sinking lines. There’s about a million of them to explore, so that will keep me occupied.

Also, two weeks ago, when I took An and his girlfriend fishing, we found one such shady area that had a population of free rising Snakehead. This week I shall visit this place too (I haven’t visited that part of the lake since). It would certainly be nice to catch some fish but covering vast amounts of the lake as I have been doing, while unproductive as it has been in terms of catching fish, is always adding more knowledge to the cauldron. 

Also, I’m thinking now, that just because I’m not getting sight fishing opportunities at the surface, doesn’t mean that there isn’t great fishing to be discovered down deep. I just have to work out what it is and how to go about it. 

We’re starting to get busy again at Sexyloops on the rod sales front. And this year’s guiding calendar is starting to fill up fast. Maybe it’s good to have a quiet spell because it’s surely going to be flat out again soon enough! 

Have a great week and remember: snow is for casting in. Smile

Cheers, Paul

ps today’s POD - “just because you’re not finding any fish doesn’t mean you’re not having fun!”
pps I added a video to the Fly Casting manual on safety last week. Please check it out - 
(I have a pretty gruesome picture to add courtesy of Steven Sinclair). 
pps I’ll add a video on the HT4 this week!