Nothing about fishing

Nothing about fishing

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 1 November 2019

Headline tells everything. There is nothing about fishing now. I have been spending lot of time in outdoors and passing lot of rivers. Thinking about how to write this FP but when I got thought and red line…. Well then I have to conctrate for something else. So I tell shortly what I have been doing past 3 weeks. It is all about reindeer now.

We started round-up season three weeks ago. Reindeer round-up means that we separate meat reindeers from ones which will be for breeding. And it has been all about reindeer since that. Every week have been same but still so different. First week we worked close to our home and in our area. Tuesday we started to gather reindeer from distance (15 km). And moved them closer to fences where we going to do round-up. Next day we herd reindeers in our round-up fence. Next day to other fence and then one more. Totally we had about 500 reindeer in those 3 fence. Saturday we had round-up day in all three fences and Sunday butchery. Monday we passed meat reindeers to company which is cutting and packing our meat.

Tuesday fixing some fences and slowly gathering reindeer in the fence and also Wednesday. Then Thursday we herd some reindeers ( 250) in round-up fence againg in different area. Friday was same and then we got about 150 reindeer in the fence. It was raining sleet and water and after those days you get pretty wet even you have good gears. Saturday round-up and Sunday butchery.

Week 3: Monday we started to gather reindeer in other area. In that place terrain is shitty, it is really hard work to drive with quadron(ATV). Tuesday we continued that work and moved about 300 reindeer closer to round-up fence. Wednesday morning we continued herding work and started from west to move about 150 reindeer. In some point we got some help from air when helicopter came also. First those 150 reindeer on right spot and then 300 reindeer from east to same place and all together in the fence. Today we had round-up over there and tomorrow we continue on other fence where we have now about 250 reindeer. Tomorrow (Friday) evening butchery and so on. One more week to go.

Days have been long. I have been feeding our reindeer which are all ready at home in the morning. Then herding reindeer with other people by quads. Starting day at 7 am and finishing at 7pm. We have daylight from 8am to 4pm now. We have totally about 15 cm snow now and -10 celsius. Winter is here slowly. It would be good time for ice-fishing for whitefish now. Ice has just covered lakes and fishes are heading to rivers for spawning, but no time for that. For us, reindeer herders, it is money making time.

Life is sweet.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland

Ps. sometimes shit happens when working in the forest. I got hit from tree while herding reindeers with quad, called natural halloween mask.