Not happy

Not happy

Gary Meyer | Tuesday, 28 January 2020

In a word, the weather of late has been… frustrating. Some times too cold, other times windy, and then occasionally record breaking warm. The worst aspect has been the utter inability of the weather “experts” to predict conditions as close as 24 hours in the future.

On a recent weekend I had three days off from work, Saturday through Monday. So, on Friday I checked the national weather service, reviewed on-line sites, and watched the local TV news to formulate my plans. It had been extremely windy for days but the winds seemed to be waning. Saturday was expected to continue on the windy side, Sunday should see some calming, and Monday looked to be the choice. Late Monday night a cold front was expected to come through, which can sometimes spur the fish to get active. So, my plans were to fish on Monday before the change.


For once it looked like the weather and my free time were going to coincide. I was a happy camper.


Saturday, it turned out, was a rather nice day, but not one I could have enjoyed on the water. When I checked the predictions again on Saturday night, the forecast had changed and the front was then expected to come through on Monday morning. Son of a bitch!


My original plan changed so I contemplated going on Sunday instead, but supposedly, the pre-frontal winds would be cranking back up, big time. Damn!


Instead, Sunday was calm in that rather glorious South Florida winter day way. When a fishing buddy called to exclaim what a great day it would have been to be out on the water (he was stuck at work) I was spitting nails.


Monday arrived, and it too was beautiful. There was no wind, nor rain, both of which were to accompany the frontal passage… it just gently got cooler as the day progressed, but the temperature did not dip greatly until late that night.


I wonder if meteorologists get hate mail? They should.


To further demonstrate their incompetence, Tuesday was rather cold for South Florida standards, but the winds were expected to come once again from the east since the front had passed. East winds from over the Gulf Stream bring tropical warmth, so the temperatures should moderate… “ With only a slight chance of a passing light shower” –according to the TV news that morning. Late Tuesday afternoon it began to rain, steadily, and that turned into a continuous street-flooding downpour that lasted through the night. An event of almost historic proportions and completely different than the morning predictions less than 8 hours earlier!


Anyway… we are likely in the coldest stretch of the winter and the water temperatures are low. Well, at least as far as our tropical species are concerned, so its not like I’m missing super hot fishing action. That is what I keep telling myself. It just sucks to miss any chance to get outside and enjoy the environment. I’m not getting younger and the environment ain’t doing so well either.


Instead, next weekend I will be attending the great Fly Fishing Show in Atlanta. I will get to catch up with some old buddies, cast all the new rods, and generally geek out in a total flyfishing way. If something noteworthy turns up I’ll let y’all know.


“Fish now… you are dead one hell of a long time”.