Not even close to spring

Not even close to spring

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 3 April 2020

Tuesday it was snowing more, again. So now we have about 1,5 meter snow in here. So spring and first signs are far away in this point. No because of this lock down and etc it might be possible to start fly fishing season more early than ever before. Why? Because it looks like that we have time to do that. We had to close farm from visitors and our own ice fishing trip has been cancelled also like wrote last week. But we had idea about using snowshoes to go flyfishing, it is still just the thought but maybe it will turn as action.

So we are training some young reindeers to pull the sleigh. Now it looks like little bit difficult but we have to hope, that better times will come, and those will come. So we will be ready with some more reindeer when next winter is coming. I started to think about flyfishing again. Planning where and how to go with all this snow. Satu just bought high quality snowshoes which I can use also. And that is how idea took off.

I have now two options where to start season. Now I’m just waiting that first sign will come. (Fp from last spring). I also started to think that maybe I’ll take snowmobile and use that one to get to the river. My river options are about 2 km from road that it will be either snowshoes or snowmobile to get access. I’m hoping that weather would suitable if not next week then week after that so we could start season. It would be great after this shit going around in the world.

I just saw also notification that Flyfishing world championship competition which was planned to be held in Kuusamo 11.-18.8.2020 has been postponed. Reasonable decission. Competion will be 10.-17.8.2021 instead. I hope that all co-operative partners will agree and competitions will be here 2021.

Now I’m really looking forward this right weather to go on river. Icefishing is gettting better and better also but some how my heart desires to river now in the end of winter. We had great 30 minutes last Sunday on our pond. Satu got 2 rainbow trouts, I got one whitefish and Satu’s son lost one rainbow trout (line cutted).  So even spring is somewhere and summer seems to be far away and world is fucked up…… Fishing is still good.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing if you can. Please keep distance and stay healthy.

Mika from Finland