No Sleep Till Murmansk

No Sleep Till Murmansk

Paul Arden | Monday, 1 August 2016

It's been hectic to say the least, but Ashly and I have arrived at the Russian border according to plan despite losing half a day waiting for a new fuel filter, causing us to miss out on a Shootout with Lasse. Fortunately however I got to meet up with Joakim Karlsson, Roger Hakansson and Staffan Dahlbom for casts on the way to Pitea, and with more time in Pitea we cast and hung out with Ulrik, Magnus, Bernt, Anna and Bernt's girl, Kerstin. So there's been casting, but mainly just a hell of a lot of driving!

We've been posting quite a bit of this adventure on Facebook, on Facebook I'm 

But now no sleep again, because I have to push on, across the Russian/Finnish border and then up the Kola Peninsular to Murmansk. I'm looking forward to getting there, tying some flies and going fishing! I have three friends joining me, two from Australia and one from Singapore. Hopefully the fishing will be fantastic... it looks like rain all week, i have no idea if this is a good thing, only that it is forecast.

For the nexk week I shall be offline - no Internet or phones in the tundra, but hopefully everything else will run smoothly, from the FPs to the shop. If not I'll sort things out when I return Cool I'll be chasing trout the following week too, but that's another story...

I'm looking forward to fishing the Varzina River again. Possibly the finest wild trout fishing in the world. It's certainly up there. Now, I wonder if I'll ever sleep again? Kiss

Cheers, Paul