No Pebble Mine - AGAIN

No Pebble Mine - AGAIN

Matt Klara | Sunday, 29 January 2017

Numerous credible sources including Bloomberg, are reporting that Northern Dynasty and it’s proposed Pebble Mine project in the Bristol Bay headwaters of Alaska, have essentially risen from the dead following the election and inauguration of the new administration in the USA. Stock values for the company have more than tripled since the election and a new share offering has raised over $32 million (USD) from investors.

When that kind of money is involved, history clearly shows that many will ignore any potential impacts to the environment, human heath, and indigenous rights to fatten up their pockets. The battle over the Pebble Mine and the future of Bristol Bay is clearly back on.

This is certainly not a case of over reactionary scare tactics being employed by one political party following an election.  In fact, earlier efforts in opposition of the proposed Pebble Mine were so successful primarily as a result of people and groups putting aside political affiliations and bonding together, finding common ground in their desire to protect one of the world’s most pristine, productive, and spiritually important ecosystems.  This is an ecosystem which supports not only staggering amounts of fish and wildlife, but also numerous lucrative and sustainable industries including commercial fishing, ecotourism, and fly fishing alongside Native American cultural fisheries.  Time has shown that with proper stewardship and intact habitat, the Bristol Bay watershed provides so much to so many, and will do so as long as we don’t upset the habitat.

So, what can you do?

Educate yourself on the history of the Pebble Mine saga.  Google “Pebble Mine”.  That will bring up sites on both sides of the battle.  I encourage everyone to read them all before they formulate their own opinions.  Your knowledge will add credibility to whatever stance you take. 

If you decide that there is too much at stake to risk in Bristol Bay as a result of the proposed mine, you can get involved with one or more of the organizations which is standing up for Bristol Bay.

You can also contact your Senators and Congresspeople if you live in the US, and tell them to support science and evidence based review of all projects, and to oppose the Pebble Mine in particular.  That includes supporting the EPA, which has already denied the Pebble Mine as unsafe, and ensuring that new appointments to that agency believe in real science.

You can spread the word and raise awareness among your friends and family.  You might also plan a trip to Bristol Bay with all your fishing buddies and support the local economies there which rely on a heathy watershed.  I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed if you go.  The locals, after all, are the ones who have the largest stake in all of this, and will fight the hardest to protect their homes, jobs, and health.

Take Care and Fish On,