no more flies

no more flies

Tracy&James | Thursday, 14 February 2019

Tracy and I revisited Millom in Cumbria at the weekend to take part in the open challenge casting competition organised by Lee of UK fly casting sport. The weather was forecast to be windy, even by Millom standards, as the tail end of a weakened hurricane Eric was passing through. It turned out that the wind was perfect for the casting order, not enough to hamper the backcast with the salmon overhead outfits that we started with, and then dropping throughout the day so not as to interfere with the ST27 and trout distance events. As such there were some super impressive distances cast, unfortunately not by me though.

Seeing Lee, Blaine (a super talented junior who casts all the world championship events brilliantly) and his father, Kirk, blasting the #5 way beyond 40m was slightly demoralising when I was stuck nearer 35m.  I’m not sure why I can’t be competitive up there, but I need to sort myself out soon.  I was also beaten by an embarrassing number of meters in the S55 and ST27, so at least I was consistent in my crappyness. 

This weekend also saw the reporting of a study into global insect populations.  The findings were not good, indicating that populations of almost all species were in decline, with some going extinct or facing imminent extinction.  I’ve written a FP previously about mass extinction events, and this study bolsters the hypothesis that we’re in the middle of one right now.  Once we’ve sprayed all the remaining bugs with insecticide we’ll surely see the extinction rate of higher level animals further accelerate, and then the planet is in real trouble (it’s already in trouble mind you).

I’ve been up and down the motorways a lot in the last year, to various casting events, fishing trips, visits to family etc., the mileage has been further enhanced by the fact we’ve been slowly moving homes also.  As such, there’s always been another long trip in our plans, which has given me the excuse not to wash the car – i.e. there’s no point if we’re heading off somewhere the next weekend etc.  As it turns out I don’t think I’ve cleaned the car in getting on for a year during which time I’ve covered several thousand miles.  Prompted by the insect report this weekend I thought I’d give the car an inspection (not a wash note!).  There was barely more than a couple of bugs squished on it, not the most scientific study but it did make me think (actually this technique was used formally once – volunteers placed cling-film over their licence plates which was then sent in to the researchers after covering some mileage).  We’re doomed, not us personally, but us as a species.

I may wash the car this weekend.

All the best, James