night outside

night outside

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 13 September 2019

Last day of August, fishing season is ending on main rivers. It is also nature’s day in Finland. Normally we go fishing on Kitka or Kuusinki on last day. I made last casts just before season is ending at midnight. This year we ended up to do something we have been talking about often this summer. We use to spent night over in our lake now and then earlier years…. then we grow up and got old. Or just get lazy. I was rafting on that day and Satu packed things what we need, some cooking stuff etc.

When I came from rafting we were ready to go. We packed gears to our ATV or more like on trailer, then we went. Fast getting camp ready and then fishing before night comes. It was calm weather and nice evening. Rainbow trouts rising now and then, it was just matter of time that one would come on our flies. I had strike but I was too slow with that one. Satu had one, fish on. Nice handling with fish but then it took off. Hook was opening and fish took off. Satu had it just little bit too tight on line, but this was reel issue. Her reel is now and then jamming, and now it was jamming so this short time it was too tihgt and then gone. ( I really need to get her new reel, she has lost few fishes now because or jamming break)

We kept fishing and just before entering back to shore from boat, I got strike. Short fight and netting. We had something to cook on fire. I fillet the fish and Satu started to blaze it. You put fillet just out from fire so you can keep your hand next to fish and not burning your hand. This cooking will take time but result is so good…. and best of all, while you are cooking you can have some wine or beer. It took two hours to cook and during that time I went to get also our dogs to have night over with us.

In the morning there was still time to fish, it was day off anyway. I got one rainbow trout before it was time to get back home from lake. I think we will do this more often on coming years. It was nice break and spending time together is always nice.


Have a nice weekend and go out and fishing

Mika from Finland