New snow death to the old one

New snow death to the old one

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 17 April 2020

Middle of April, there should be some signs of coming spring. Last Thursday I went to see some rivers, just to easy my feelings. By the river there is lot of snow (of course) but also spots where fishing could be reasonable are still cover with ice. So my great plan to start flyfishing season on Easter or coming weekend won’t work.

So I have been planning and doing some reading about fishing. Which is always good option. Room where I tie flies is occupied. Anni, she wrote last week’s FP, is living and studying on that room now. She is teenagers so I have no permit to go there. Well I do but you know if look could kill thing…..

Casting practise, well that could work if you want to do it with heavy wind and middle of 1,5 meter snow. To be honest I have never in my life have seen so much snow than this year. And I do have experience more than 40 winters. Wind wouldn’t otherwise be problem to casting practising but have you tried to cast when you have clothes than you could survive in – 20 celsius degrees. It is casting but it is not really helping to refine your skills.

You could say that excuses. Yes those probably are but…. there is always butt. I want to enjoy what I’m doing so I have been just doing some basic things and trying to keep my head together. Feeding reindeer, snowmobiling and some ice fishing. Last weekend we went icefishing, it was not great success but we got some fish to eat as normal. And most of all, some good time with family.

They say that old snow is death to the old one. In this time of spring when new snow is coming it is normally little wet and it start to eat old snow and then everything is going away. But if it is snowing like this week that we have new snow more than old one is gone, it just won’t work. I’m really hoping some rain and warm nights, (we still have nights below zero). Spring and summer is eventually coming and snow will be gone. It might be that it will be like 4 years ago when I could do icefishing in end of May still butt

If we have snow on the roof on midsummer, there will be snow on the ground also. I stick with this when people are asking when snow is gone.

Have a nice weekend                                                                                                                 

Mika from Finland

Ps. Snowing again and also tomorrow, so new snow is death to the old one. I hope.