New Season, New Waters

New Season, New Waters

Scott Loudon | Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sorry for missing last week, currently apart from Friday I couldn't tell you the last time I left the office before 10pm. It's not been the most fun time. So much so that the opening for the trout season came and went without much more than a what if thought from myself but in the background I have been hatching a plan or two that got me thinking about new waters.

I love exploring new waters and then getting to know it, understand the fish there, understand if there's anything unique that makes that place tick. Some people like to fish the same place over and over , perhaps due to convenience or perhaps due to comfort in the knowledge that they've been there, they've caught and arguably know how to catch again. I can only follow this template if the fishing is diverse enough that it doesn't become monotonous visiting the same haunt time after time.

Which got me thinking... where should I visit this year?

Currently on my list I have a new local river to explore (a novel thing in London), try to catch my first and then some more pike from the Thames, visit the South Coast for the first time and try to get into some bass fishing and then swing a trip home at some point for a visit to the old faithful favourite lochs and rivers.

This will hopefully be a season that enjoys a few new adventures and the discovery of a hidden gem or two. I don't know the first thing about sea bass but I'm sure with a little effort I can suss them out.

What's your plans for the season?

I'm in Swiztzerland skiing for a week from tomorrow so not sure if I'll be able to get an FP up next week. To anyone else that's off have a great time and enjoy the bank holiday in the UK!