New season, new flyrod

New season, new flyrod

Paul Arden | Monday, 7 October 2019

First up, there is a small increase in our Hot Torpedo flyrod prices. Basically I want to pay our incredible rod craftsman Lee Martell a few more beans! Building a HT takes both incredible skill and time and I fully respect that. Lee didn’t want any extra beans but I insisted on it! :)))

We are currently flat out, particularly busy with flyrod production because this is the start of the fly fishing season in the Southern Hemisphere. I’m always very excited to see our rods being shipped over there, no doubt because I’ve spent much of my life fishing there too - 3000 days of flyfishing New Zealand! What an amazing fishery it is; camping in the mountains, crossing swift freezing rivers, living in “man camps” and fishing like your life depended on it!

I’m also flat out fishing and teaching in the jungle. This is Flavio’s final week of fishing here - it’s been hard as always but fish are coming to the boats! Flavio has caught three Giant Snakehead so far this trip - all of them while “self-guided” in the Ronan. One of three kilos, one of four and a half and a clonker last weekend of five and a half kilos. This week I expect even more fish and mostly to my boat!

I’ve been experimenting with fly design - one of the problems you can have with poppers, is that when the fish eat them they sit at the top of their mouths and when you try to set the hook the fly pops out of their mouth without hooking them. So I’ve been experimenting with stingers and tandem hooks. To have done all the hard work only to miss a fish in this way seems a complete shame!

Also I’ve been playing around with colours. I’ve done this in the past of course but the results haven’t been particularly noteworthy. However I may have missed a trick here and I’m back to experimenting again.

One of the challenges is with experimenting... often you might only get a few shots in a day, and so if something is working it’s hard to change to something that might work better (or worse) simply because the number of shots are so limited. And that’s one reason why you need to spend thousands of days doing it, that and of course it’s just bloody good fun!

I must be getting close to fifteen hundred days on Belum-Temenggor now. It’s amazing how time flies. My plan is to fish 3000 and then do another type of fly fishing. That’s the mark for me, when you really should have experienced the bulk of it and I’m pretty sure that by then I’ll be ready for another life change! But between then and now it’s flat out fishing for Snakehead and Gourami. Jungle Perch time is coming up soon with the Wet Season and Mahseer options for next year.

I don’t understand how anyone can ever get bored of fly fishing. There is so much to do, so much to learn and if you ever feel that you’ve figured out a style of fly fishing - Stillwater Trout for example - then you can always move locations and start again afresh, with a totally different species or another style of flyfishing. The world is a big place and there is more fishing than we can ever hope to work out in one lifetime.

How incredibly lucky we are as fly fishers, always being able to find new challenges and never feeling that we have ever stopped learning.

Cheers, Paul

PS if you are interested in the Hot Torpedo range, or flyfishing with me in the jungle, or just have a question about anything Sexyloops or fishing related feel free to drop me an email any time -