New FP

New FP

Harps | Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The new front page is still causing a few problems, and to be honest, I'm not sure if it's really live, but I think it is.

If it really is live, then we welcome you to the all new front page layout of Sexyloops. There are still a few hick-ups to fix. For instance, I have been given all the red buttons (can't believe he did that again), and yet, this comes to you as written Harps (which is good, becuase it keeps the front page writer line up on the left intact), but is is infact not written by Harps.

Harps would never get all the red buttons - that would be plain recklessness :-).

Nope, this is written by Lars, on the computer, which is good, because the iPhone is slightly overheated after communicating with Paul over WhatsApp. Paul's lost in the jungle again, but I found him on Google Earth and he's on his way back now, and before you know it (of within 18 months), normality should be restored and Paul will have caught up on all his emails.

The good thing aobut this crazy universe called Sexyloops is that anything goes as "normal" :-).

Anyway, Paul sends his love and of course we all hope that you enjoy the new front page layout.