New fly in my box

New fly in my box

Viking Lars | Saturday, 10 June 2017

Some years ago, Swedish salmon-legend Mikael Frödin came up with a new fly he calls "Samurai" (hear why in the YouTube video). It's a bit of a strange fly, and I must admit to thinking that this was just his excuse not to fish the most legendary of modern salmon flies, the Sunray Shadow.

But then recently a client asked for some, and hence I tied a batch for him, and I actually came to like the fly, and tied up a few for myself in "local" colours that I think will do well in my home rivers.

It's a bit of an oddball. It has the long, thing, black wing known from the Sunray Shadow, but then, in typical Frödin-style, it's been beefed up to sport a thick brushed out dubbing body to create some translucency and bulk too. And as if that wasn't enough, it also sports a big, fat head of dubbing (also brushed out) for even more volume and translucency at the same time.

The fly is finished with a short mini-marabou hackle for some added movement.

It's a easy and quick fly to tie - the obvious colour combinations are endless and it's even cheap to tie. Tube, dubbing, goat hair, (fake) jungle cock and a marabou hackle and finished off with a small turbo cone.

I've tied mine in three different weight variants and tried three different cone-colours (the orange one is not good, I think, but it had to be tried).

I didn't get a chance to fish them this week as I haven't fished since I met up with Bernd on River Skjern. But I will next week.

Sorry for the delayed FP - I'm home alone with the kids and didn't get a chance this A.M. :-).

Have a great weekend!