My favourite knot

My favourite knot

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 5 July 2019

I found this knot in end of 1990’s from flyfishing magazine. I think it was fly tying & fishing or something like that. It is really simple knot and I have use it since that when fishing grayling and trout. Dries, nymphs, wets and even with small streamers. Tippets from 0.12 to 0.28, monofil. I have memory that it was called mexican knot but I wouldn’t bet my head for that. It is easy to tie even in dark and it had hold really well.

So here it is knot I use most when fishing. (Cable coming from up is coming from rod, and photo no 3 is not fully tighten yet)

  1. Make a loose knot
  2. 1 knot
  3. Put line thru eye
  4. Come back with line twice against where you came out from first knot
  5. 2 knot
  6. Run knot almost against eye by tighten from tippet which is going to rod. If it is not running tighten knot little bit from end of tippet
  7. ready knot
  8. Get knot wet and tighten from end of tippet. If it is slipping you went wrong way after eye.

I always leave small loop between eye and knot. I think fly is moving more naturally when it is not tighten to tippet.

Like any other knots you should test them with your line/tippet before you go in real action. There was one tippet material which was not working with that knot and I stopped to use that tippet. During the years I haven’t loose many fish because of this knot. I have found this one very usefully especially when getting older and having some problems to get tippet thru eye. Like they say: KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid


Have a nice weekend and enjoy fishing

Mika from Finland

Ps. I used my daughter’s charging cable to demonstrate knot. And sorry about numbering... but you get idea